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Also known as WACT Academy

118 MARBLE CT. ALEDO TX. 76008  *  817-594-9228

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Some of our work with students -->


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Stay tunned for the dates and times!

TADA! Littles

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SAT 1:00 - 1:45p

Ages 4-6

MON 5:00 - 5:50p

Is your little one a handful of drama? Or need help getting out of their shyness? Either way, this fun class with help us evaluate the level of creative or talent your child is at. This class introduces the students to movement & manerisms of characters. The students will learn the difference between pretending in both a structured and improvisational way.  Student will gain confidence, and great memories of laughter, games and friendships for years to come!


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Ages 7-10 ACTING

SAT 2:00 - 2:55p

TUES. 4:00 - 5:00p

This class is geared toward kids that love pretending!  This class helps them to hone their ideas by guiding them to complete the thought or idea. This is a fun and creative class to branch out and begin to understand how pretending becomes real acting in a more structured way like in front of the camera. The games we play are constructive, thoughtful, and teach students to develope story and disipline in a group setting as a team player or for the movie set.


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SAT. 3:00 - 4:00p

Ages 10-12

TUES. 5:30 - 6:30 p

This fun class is all about character development, creative story telling and just good ol pretending!  This class is full of creative ways of learning. Students will also learn script basics, following the directions in a script, and learn not to be afraid to make choices for their charaters. 

The improv part of class will set a high level of bravery in a child. Our kiddos will learn there are no wrong answers in improve. Improve will also helps build confidence, and put a child at a higher ability to hold a real comversation. They will learn what to do if they don't under-stand a question, phrase, word or meaning instead of freezin up.


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AGES 13-17

SAT. 4:15 - 6:00p

MON.  6:00 - 7:30 p

Teens are coming into there own but at the same time, can get hung up on who's watching them. They try to fit in, their ideas begin to take off. This is the age a good written script can help guide them to cope, react, and learn to be a good citizen. The material in this class will challenge them to think outside the box when creating a character, and relations to the other characters in the story. In real life, these stories help them gain life skills. Thier acting skills become more purposeful when they begin to set up their backstories and get a better understanding of choices they have in life and when delivering a line. This class introduces them to the human behaviors of real people in which we go more in debth in acting 2.


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The improv part of class, students will get a deeper under-standing of the art of conversation. Most benificial for life, they will learn to belly laugh! they'll gain the confidence an actor develops in knowing how to step up their roll game yet not overtake the scene, is impressive to any director.  Being a team player on set is very important. Improve is a fun way to let our students juices flow, develop and show off their story ideas,  but also, accepting other students ideas over their own. Students will learn stage bravery knowing improve has no wrong answers. This is a fun and silly time to experiment with characters, accents, or just being comfortable being themselves.

ADULT acting plus

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18 & up

SAT. 6:00 - 8:00p

THURS. 6:30 - 8:30 p

This course is an extensive study in human behavior, acting and reacting. Going deep into backstory, relationship connection and type, we'll cover the choices you'll make in delivering the lines of a script. This course will also go into taking control of a room with team effort compared to stealing the show.  Well cover the feel and tone of the project, and how it's writtings can give a hint of what the writer and director are looking for.  Audition technique is covered to display your skill and connect personally with any casting director you meet. Hosting, monologue, and commercial are also included. We'll touch on comedy and drama and more! This course is well rounded for an across the board education in entertaining.

Adult  improv

18 & up

MON.  &  SAT. 

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13 & 15

FRI. 6:00 - 7:00 p

16 - ADULT

FRI. 7:00 - 8:00 p

Train in commercials & monologue to prepare for auditions.

This class is a bit of a two for one.  This class will show how to dissect the message in a monologue and make choices in delivery.  The commercial training helps with product emphasis, while showing natural personality traits pleasing to an audience as well as being aware of our habbits such as fidgeting. We will learn clear speaking style, good eye contact, and smile for commercial roles.

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       Train to be a



VO  Class schedule TBA

You may text Twila if you have questions  (817) 594-9228


TUITION:  ages 4 - 17 $150 per mo.

18 - adult $135 per mo.


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118 MARBLE CT. ALEDO TX. 76008

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